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EKO POL DACH - Reed roofs

The roof is the decoration of every home, especially if it is a detached house surrounded by beautiful nature or a picturesque estate of similar houses.

The roof should be unique, elegant and aesthetic, and at the same time it should fit to the ideas of its tenants. The reed roof will undoubtedly meet these expectations. Such roofs are perfect for people who value ecology and for people who appreciate both functionality and appearance. Reed roofs are the great possibility for complex or fairy-tale roofs. Reed can be used either to make very complicated roofing or simple surfaces such as gazebos, swings, etc. The reed allows even to create of oval shaped roofs.

Ecological reed roofs for years


We offer roofing with water reed

  • residential buildings
  • garden gazebos
  • wells
  • woodshed
  • stylish entrance gates swings
  • other buildings as requested by the client

We provide all the materials necessary to perform the services:

  • water reed
  • fastening materials
  • finishing materials
  • we impregnate fire-resistant roofs

Grills, smokehouses and other stone elements


Reed and its advantages

Reed has a high resistance to weather conditions. It is a warm material with insulating properties.

The reed roof prevents the building's interior from heating up to high temperatures in summer and not cooling down in winter.

Due to these features, people have consciously used it in construction as a covering material since ages.

Water reed has become a popular and requested thatch material in the west.


Roof construction

A reed roof must have adequate slope angles to allow natural water drainage. The recommended angle of slope is 45-50 degrees.

The roof ridge can be finished with heather or straw. The cover is waterproof, rain only penetrates 2-3 cm deep.

The roof does not require the installation of gutters. With the use of the appropriate technology of the roof structure, its service life is extended.

Our projects


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